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Convert degrees into micro-credentials

Students, employers and our very society are changing rapidly. New industries are being created, new challenges are emerging and new ways of thinking are required.

Historically, universities have focused on multi-year degree programs, but now, students require flexibility, professionals require lifelong learning and society requires greater access to education at a lower cost.

Education providers can capitalise on these once in a generation shifts by unbundling, redesigning and repackaging degrees into short courses and micro-credentials that appeal to a new audience, anywhere in the world.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Run predictive modelling on data and have it done in real-time.
  • Assess data points in your online community and utilise it to create better learning experiences for students.
  • Use smart-driven search algorithms to mine all the evidence on OpenLearning to show the best candidates and portfolios at work.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Active learning experiences and a vibrant learning community lead to rich behavioural that will enable your institution to reduce attrition rates and increase engagement.
  • Access to learning data within your courses will enable you to continuously improve your courses as they are running.
  • Context is everything and OpenLearning captures the state of a student’s learning each step of the way.

Prepare Students for Industry 4.0

Technological advancements in communications, mobile devices, internet, artificial intelligence and our fundamental understanding of human psychology provide us with the tools and understanding to redesign our higher education system to meet the needs of industry, government and society at large.

OpenLearning takes advantage of the latest technology, proven academic research in computer supported collaborative learning, and changing student expectations to enable real, transformative courses to be delivered online, anywhere in the world.

Certification on the Blockchain

OpenLearning would be a certifying body which allows people to essentially use OpenLearning to say that they trust particular assessments of particular evaluations of particular ways of accrediting people and then we would be the interface to storing those transactions on this particular blockchain technology.

Certification on the Blockchain

Issued your own micro-credentials through OpenLearning based on events and activities completed by students at various stages throughout a course.

OpenLearning’s unique outcome based assessment engine for authentic education enhances micro-credentials with real evidence of learning, providing you with the foundation and data necessary for a blockchain-enabled certification future.

Learning Design for Mobile Devices

OpenLearning uses a social media workflow to enable and encourage interaction that will foster a community of collaborative learners instead of individuals feeling lost in a sea of information.

OpenLearning provides built-in galleries, wikis and blog pages to feature work and encourage collaboration and peer feedback, while always maintaining room for individuality through personalised learning experiences.

The OpenLearning solution

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