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Join Micro-credentials: Connecting Education & The Future of Work, a 1-Day virtual event together with academia & industry experts on 17 Nov.
Join Micro-credentials: Connecting Education & The Future of Work, a 1-Day virtual event together with academia & industry experts on 17 Nov.

Global leader in micro-credentials, focusing on workforce capabilities, delivers a robust end-to-end solution

Equipping students, working professionals and job seekers with the skills most demanded by employers
Equipping students, working professionals and job seekers with the skills most demanded by employers

Delivered 18 OpenCred short courses

backed by industry

Launched localised programmes

across 2 regions

Improved end-to-end solution

for its micro-credential offering for lifelong learners worldwide

Seamless integration

using the OpenCreds micro-credential framework and delivered via the OpenLearning platform
DeakinCo partnered with OpenLearning to develop a range of OpenCred online, short courses designed for the 21st century, to improve workplace performance and future employability in Australia and beyond.

Lifelong employability through lifelong learning

In a Deloitte 2019 Survey researching the attitudes of Australian post-bachelor workers towards formal learning, the majority of this group show a preference for short courses (54%), followed by postgraduate qualifications (49%), and professional accreditations (18%). Many experienced professionals were disengaged with traditional postgraduate education due to the time constraints of busy working lives, the financial considerations of the cost of a Masters and a lack of formal recognition for existing expertise.

In a critical time where the workplace is demanding re-skilling and up-skilling, the challenges for DeakinCo when developing non-formal learning for Australians include:

  1. Recognition of prior learning and experience to support fast track to completion
  2. Enable workers to learn where, when and how they live
  3. Provide micro learning option that can stack towards qualifications
  4. Partnering with a platform solution that support reflection and assessment methodologies to match DeakinCo’s end-to-end solution requirements

Development of OpenCred courses to support and scaffold learning, reflection and curation

Delivered via the OpenLearning platform, in collaboration with the internal Learning Services, as well as embracing the OpenCreds micro-credential framework, DeakinCo developed a range of short courses to help organisations and individuals evaluate and recognise current skills & capabilities.

According to the white paper Soft Skills for Business Success, two-thirds of all Australian jobs will be soft-skill intensive by 2030. Even in today’s job market, demand for skills such as communication, problem solving and critical thinking significantly exceed supply.

In response, DeakinCo’s short courses focus on building the skills that are in demand such as: Communication, Critical thinking, Customer experience, Design thinking, Digital literacy, Innovation, Problem solving, Professional ethics, Collaboration, Leading and developing people/Empowering others, Adaptive mindsets, Driving strategic results, Data driven marketing, Financial literacy/Financial acumen, Project management, Risk management.

And while businesses in Australia spend a staggering $11 billion on employee training and recruitment annually, a quarter of employers report having difficulty recruiting entry level positions because applicants lack the required skills.

These short courses provide a solution to filling the skills gap where necessary and offer employers the ability to identify and certify the skills most needed in their organisation. The skills DeakinCo. build and assess are based on contemporary business and industry needs. They are practical work skills that are focused on 21st Century businesses and are required and desired by industry and business, rather than predominantly theoretical concepts.

Engaging lifelong learners worldwide through a robust end-to-end solution

More than ever, lifelong learners are seeking online courses that are recognised by employers, lead to formal credit and enable them to learn new skills. When implementing its short course programme, DeakinCo adopted the OpenCreds micro-credential framework delivered via the OpenLearning platform. This made it possible for DeakinCo to offer 2.5 hours to 150 hours of learning that lead towards credit in formal qualification, are recognised by industry, and with a high quality learning experience in line with OpenLearning's educational philosophy based on social constructivism. 

OpenCreds are small and stackable; and designed to offer interoperability between higher education, vocational education, and professional learning opportunities.

In pursuit of seeking a system that would enable DeakinCo to deliver purpose built systems to support reflection and assessment methodologies, learners are encouraged to collaborate with other learners through sharing their reflections, as well as showcase their learning artefacts through a range of activities and widgets available via the OpenLearning platform.

Looking to engage lifelong learners by offering micro-credential programs? OpenLearning can help. Get in touch today.


DeakinCo., part of world-leading Deakin University, presents new possibilities – not just for individuals and organisations but for the whole world of business. While traditional academic qualifications are evidence of an ability to study, DeakinCo. provides Workplace Solutions that assess and build workplace skills and capability for organisations and individuals. DeakinCo. workplace products are designed for the 21st century, to improve workplace performance and future employability.


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"We recognise that learning is a life-long journey and some of the most valuable learning experiences come from within the workplace. The ability to adapt to the changing workforce dynamics is as integral to professionals as it is to businesses. It is imperative for development in the workplace to evolve in the ways organisations recognise, develop and reward learning at work."
Professor Jane Den Hollander AO
Vice Chancellor

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