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Enterprise Learning & Development

Continuous career development is the key to retaining the most valuable employees. Conduct ups-killing and continuous learning programs with OpenLearning to gain an edge over competitors.

The Opportunity

Drag-and-drop Content Widgets to add rich multimedia content of any type: Text, Video, Audio, Files, and Images. Flexibility to embed external learning resources.

  • Experience up to 54% greater new hire productivity and
    50% greater new hire retention* as a result of effective
    onboarding programs.

  • Shorten the time frame and cost in onboarding new
    employees by reducing the dependency on
    face-to-face training.

  • Utilise the OpenLearning portfolios to discover the best
    internal candidates for a role; which retains organisational IP and saves money given external hires often cost up to 20% more.

  • Client relationships aren’t jeopardised due to changeover
    of staff or following employee’s with whom they had a
    positive working relationship with their new company.

The Challenge

There are a number of internal and external factors challenging organisations in engaging and realising the true potential of their employees.

  • Increasingly geographically dispersed and contract-based staff make traditional onboarding and training programs costly or impossible to deliver.

  • The quickening pace of change means that staff need access to just-in-time development opportunities.

  • Employees are increasingly choosing workplaces that focus on fostering a collaborative culture that demonstrates a mutual investment in them as a team member.

  • Management and boards are increasingly focused on demonstrating return on investment (ROI) for professional learning budgets.

  • Increasingly geographically dispersed and contract-based staff make traditional onboarding and training programs costly or impossible to deliver.

  • Accredited training frameworks are often not able to maintain the learning curriculum with the pace of change in industry which means that organisations need to meet this need.

  • Regulators are increasingly holding employers accountable for delivering training that is focused on skills development and application of knowledge rather than record-keeping and corrective assessments.

  • Society as a whole has a greater voice as a stakeholder; placing importance on organisations to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility by up skilling and retraining their employees where possible rather than redundancies and offshoring of lower-level skills.

The Solution

Employee engagement comes down to genuine connection built over time. The research of Daniel Goleman on emotional intelligence and effective leadership shows that where we can help employees to align their values with the work that they are undertaking, they naturally become more motivated, resilient, innovative and  adaptable.**

OpenLearning is founded on the pedagogy of social constructivism. The OpenLearning platform provides organisations of all sizes with the ability to:

  • Attract new team members by building online courses to prequalify and recruit employees.

  • Build engaging, on-demand onboarding courses that foster a learning community regardless of tenure or location.

  • Enable authentic, and organisation-relevant learning experiences that go beyond publishing content.

  • Create a community of practice where knowledge is shared and co-created, engagement is fosters peer-to-peer support, and brand-ambassadors can shine.

  • Managers and Administrators can easily track employee skills development, learning outcomes, certification, and evidence can be tracked in one location.

  • Employees are in control of curating their learning portfolio and have access to additional courses (including free courses) via the OpenLearning marketplace.

This is all achieved by a multitude of social media features, flexible content creation tools, facilitation tools, and in-depth analytics – all structured in a seamless platform that can work as a standalone or integrated with your internal systems.

OpenLearning creates the perfect learning environment to support your organisational needs.

Create, deliver and sell your courses through OpenLearning’s next generation online learning platform.