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Join Micro-credentials: Connecting Education & The Future of Work, a 1-Day virtual event together with academia & industry experts on 17 Nov.
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Award-winning LMS at your fingertips

The OpenLearning Learning Management System (LMS) provides world-class, research-backed, learner-centred solutions that empowers learners and educators to meet learning needs and drive learning performance.

The Opportunity

We know that deep and effective learning happens when learners are being active – creating, discussing and reflecting – rather than simply memorising and repeating. The design of the OpenLearning Platform is driven by our learning philosophy, which focuses on:

  • Student empowerment to foster deeper learning through intrinsic motivation
  • Authentic, active learning experiences which go beyond publishing content
  • Community and connectedness to encourage sharing, build student rapport and support collaboration

OpenLearning comes with everything you need to grow your online education business. Design, market and sell short courses, degrees, staff training, MOOCs, micro-credentials, and more.

The LMS Landscape

The adoption rate of Moodle around the world has decreased significantly, from 60% new implementations in 2015 to 49% in 2016, and only 3% in the first quarter of 2017.¹

Potential reasons²:

  • Outdated design
  • Poor ease of use
  • Long implementation process
  • Expensive self-hosted option

OpenLearning is a next-generation platform that enables education providers to deliver market-leading learning experiences – from short courses and micro-credentials to accredited qualifications.

Our purpose-built platform provides a seamless learner experience from pre-enrolment through to being able to showcase evidence of learning via automated portfolios of evidence, badges and certificates.

All-in-one platform for Online Education

Learning needs including importance of accessibility

Your LMS should be a learning platform that can connect your audience and/or stakeholders whichever time zone they may reside in. The OpenLearning platform is built on the social constructivist learning sciences and therefore, fosters collaboration and support, while allowing learners to study from home and in their own time.

Seamless integration with tools such as Zoom and Turnitin

Having a seamless experience for your learners is key to success for any online course. Because OpenLearning is an education technology company, we have the ability to integrate between respective tools and the platform itself.

Learner engagement is essential from the start

Scaffolding the learning experience through the range of widgets and tools available via the OpenLearning platform helps to reduce cognitive load and increase learner engagement throughout their course.

Ensuring academic integrity is top of mind

Verifying your learners’ work will allow you to see if the learning outcomes have been met. OpenLearning’s newest features, ‘Know Your Learner’, will identify any academic misconduct through various checks. This is an "add-on" premium capability on top of the standard subscription.

LMS Features and Functionality

With a scalable delivery model in mind, the platform design was informed by following a pedagogy of social constructivism, whereby OpenLearning encourages learning experiences and online activities which help students to become familiar with situations, problems, or scenarios so that they can reflect meaningfully, construct and discuss their own solutions and concepts, and then creatively apply this new knowledge in meaningful ways.

Some LMS features and functionality include:

Content Widgets

Drag-and-drop Content Widgets to add rich multimedia content of any type: Text, Video, Audio, Files, and Images. Flexibility to embed external learning resources.

Scaffolding Learning

Scaffolding learning to provide a meaningful learning experience within various situations, and an opportunity for experimentation.

Course Feed

Course Feed functionality for ease of engagement and a birds-eye-view.

Assessment Functionality

Outcomes-based functionality to align activities to course learning outcomes for assessment where learning is assessed holistically by aggregating learner’s evidence to produce a portfolio of work.

Know Your Learner (KYL)

Introducing a new and unique collection of features called ‘Know Your Learner’ (KYL) to make it easier for the assessor/ educator to identify academic misconduct via: User-agent and IP Geolocation Check, Facial Identity check, Keystroke profile and Turnitin similarity check.

Use Case in Review: UNSW Transition Program Online (TPO)

The UNSW Transition Program Online (TPO) is a 16 week intensive program aimed at international students who have completed Year 12 equivalent students, but have missed the entry requirements for top tier institutions such as UNSW.

The UNSW Transition Program Online includes 5 Streams for students based on their Undergraduate Degree preference: Actuarial Studies, Commerce, Design and Architecture, Life Science and Physical Science.

Launched in late October 2020, the multi-stream intensive program was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, given the clear impact on the ability for UNSW Global to continue to deliver this program which had previously only been delivered in a face-to-face context with support of Moodle as their enterprise Learning Management System.

In this critical time, UNSW Global and OpenLearning entered into a partnership to develop the UNSW Transition Program Online to meet the goals:

Create, deliver and sell your courses through OpenLearning’s next generation online learning platform.