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Data available to export for your course

Student information

Specific data available via CSV:​

  • Enrolment date

  • Completion date

  • Student name

  • Student ID

  • Student profile name

  • Course progress

  • Active time

  • Country

  • Number of comments

  • Number of kudos

Student posts (text, image, file)

Specific data available via CSV:​

  • Post ID

  • Author Name, Profile, Institution ID

  • Date/time of creation

  • Post Content

  • Post Reflection

  • Activity Page URL

  • Like Count

  • Comments

  • Uploaded files can be exported as files

Student comments

Specific data available via CSV:​

  • Comment ID

  • Posted at (timestamp)

  • Posted by

  • Likes

  • Parent comment

  • Comment content

Survey responses

Set up your survey to capture:

  • Likert scale

  • Short answer

  • Paragraph text

  • Multiple choice

  • Checkbox

Widget completion

Specific data available via CSV:​

  • Widget name

  • Page name

  • Page URL

  • Widget number on the page

  • % of students completed

Page completion

Specific data available via CSV:​

  • Total views

  • % students viewed

  • % students completed

  • Average time spent on the page

Module completion

Specific data available via CSV:​

  • Module name ​

  • % of students completed

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