The future of online learning

Finally, a learning platform designed for social constructivism.

Create, deliver and sell your courses through OpenLearning’s next generation online learning platform.

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Focus on making a real impact

Around the world, education providers are spending time and money to buy, build and integrate multiple systems; money that could be better spent on improving the quality of their courses and degrees.

With OpenLearning, you’ll have everything you need to design, deliver and sell your online courses; so you can put more of your limited resources into designing transformational experiences that improve your learner outcomes, reduce delivery costs and increase engagement.

The complete platform solution

OpenLearning handles all aspects of delivering an online learning experience. Your staff will be supported by an innovative toolset throughout the process of authoring, facilitating, assessing, and evaluating your courses. Add to this the ability to collect payments, issue credentials, and tap into our global marketplace, and you can be sure that there is an end to end solution to fit your use case.


Designed for student engagement and project-based learning


Easily implement best practices in learning design


Build an online education business and reach new markets

The OpenLearning learning philosophy

OpenLearning ties together a large body of proven learning sciences research which includes social constructivism, experiential learning, virtual communities, learner-centred design and cognitive load theory.

Heavily influenced by the constructivist learning philosophy, OpenLearning enables education providers to go beyond traditional instructivist approaches and static learning management systems to craft authentic, active and connected learning experiences for students that efficiently deliver real world learning outcomes.

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