Beyond content delivery

Holistic education solutions on a global scale

The complete solution

OpenLearning is an all-in-one solution for education providers to deliver formal and non-formal education. We provide a next-generation online learning platform, learning designers to transform your expertise into world-class courses and marketing support to attract new students from around the world.

Scale with quality


Build brand awareness, generate new scalable revenue, and launch student recruitment operations


Go beyond traditional approaches to online learning and prepare your graduates for industry 4.0


Keep student engagement high with a social-constructivist approach to online learning design

Education for the future

OpenLearning is at the forefront of applying the latest technology and educational research to provide solutions for education providers to capitalise on the opportunities of the 4th industrial revolution.

Convert degrees into micro-credentials

Prepare students for industry 4.0

Artificial intelligence

Certification on the block chain

Learning design for mobile devices

The OpenLearning learning philosophy

OpenLearning ties together a large body of proven learning sciences research which includes social constructivism, experiential learning, virtual communities, learner-centred design and cognitive load theory.


Heavily influenced by the constructivist learning philosophy, OpenLearning enables education providers to go beyond traditional instructivist approaches and static learning management systems to craft authentic, active and connected learning experiences for students that efficiently deliver real world learning outcomes.

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