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  • Incorporates built-in learning design pattern styled templates, widgets and activities.
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Leverage academic integrity tools and custom assessments to create credit-eligible courses


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Use course authoring capabilities to create tailored assessments, courses, and hands-on projects through our drag-and-drop functionality as well as our pre-set widgets, templates and activities.


Certify student achievements

Design, develop, and issue next generation digital badges and certificates enabling your learners to upskill, reskill and future-proof their skills.


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Gather data, understand learning patterns and run a successful course.


Drive student engagement

Fuse content and community to intrinsically motivate your learners.


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Students can take OpenLearning on the go with apps on iOS and Android.


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"This module really helped me to discover myself - to know and manage myself so that I can be aware about other people’s emotions and so that I can work better with them. It is amazing to understand the basic principle that a good leader comes from an individual who deeply recognises themself."

Dara, Learner and Alumni Participant, "Learn to Lead"

Universiti Sains Malaysia

"I believe we are making a big wave in education by embarking on the micro-credential educational programme and leveraging the blockchain technology. More importantly, we are providing a flexible, learning-on-demand learning model that would serve the large segment of the lifelong learner's community.

Professor Dr Abd Karim Alias

Charles Sturt University

"The taster team at CSU has had unbelievable support from the OpenLearning team. Whether it involved suggesting ways to improve our search results, creating a results-oriented marketing campaign, developing creative and clean online modules, responding to any technical requests, or providing input and feedback into a myriad of questions, OpenLearning has been there for us."

Professor Valerie Peachey

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