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Marketing Services

Work with our experienced team to promote your courses and drive conversions

Student recruitment is one of the most costly and significant challenges facing higher education providers around the world.

OpenLearning for student

Partner with OpenLearning to attract new students from around the world. You can go from 0% brand awareness in a new market to delivering accredited courses to fee-paying students within 12 months. Our marketing team will work with you to promote your courses and degrees through our global education marketplace, digital advertising and network of partners.

Our approach:

  • Create MOOCs to build brand awareness

  • Offer reasonably priced online short courses to generate scalable revenue

  • Launch targeted student recruitment campaign to provide a pathway into your online/on-campus degree programs.

  • Meeting tight delivery timeframes and budgets

We operate on a success-based revenue share model and therefore our team will carefully examine the business case for every opportunity before investing in a marketing campaign for your courses or degrees.

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