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Civil Engineering


Faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales turned to us to design and build courses which provided an alternative to on-campus lectures, capable of effectively fulfilling learning outcomes with a stark increase in enrolments.

Our approach focused on activity-based learning, allowing students to critically think, share and reflect – and be engaged on their learning journey.


Visual customisation options can help course designers match the look and feel of their course to its topic.

Sharing favourites

An ice breaking activity that asks students to share images of their favourite buildings for others to discuss.

Student generated galleries

Students use Google maps to source data and images on global land use which they then share and discuss with the course community.

Make it personal

Students complete the (optional) activity of measuring their own ecological footprint and sharing the results with the course community, launching some deep discussions and reflections.

Reflection station

Students are given a random prompt to help them begin a weekly reflection to be shared with the course community.


Custom made grouping options give allow course designers to shape how groups will be formed while giving groups their own space to discuss and create.

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