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Computer Science


Faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales turned to us to design and build courses which provided an alternative to on-campus lectures, capable of effectively fulfilling learning outcomes with a stark increase in enrolments.

Our approach focused on activity-based learning, allowing students to critically think, share and reflect – and be engaged on their learning journey.


The customisable menu (left) makes it easy for students and educators to navigate around their course.

Crack the code

A rapport-building activity in a cohort of software engineers in which students write a welcome message to each other using an invented code while others try to decode their message.

Worked example

A teacher-led worked example video embedded on a page followed by a student activity.

Interactivity and camaraderie

A student applauds another student’s’ work having found it in the activity’s gallery.

Custom maze widget

A custom activity that challenges students to use computer code to make their way through a maze.

A gallery of mazes

Students respond to a custom maze activity with creativity.

Not all digital

Photo posting means that students can share non-digital work with their community.

Find the treasure

Another instance of student camaraderie as they help each other complete a puzzle using what they have learnt in the course.

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