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Our Rethink Learning and Teaching series was created to inspire anyone, anywhere, to create engaging and community-driven courses on the OpenLearning Platform.

The Rethink series takes teachers and course creators through the instructional design process, explores techniques to engage a community of learners and using social features and tools of the Platform.

Activity design

The platform’s intuitive and flexible ‘widget-based’ design gives course creators the ability to create any kind of activity they can imagine.

Student-led activities

Students share some metaphors for their style of education, and attempt to guess what each others’ images represent.

Self-curated groups

Students group themselves into interest-based discussion groups where they can share their ideas on their niche interests within a course community.

Rich media

Audio-visual material can make for an interesting activity or discussion stimulus.

A tough challenge

Students respond to a pre-filled activity and discuss their responses with each other.

Comments and support

Students share their major project ideas while giving each other feedback and encouragement.

Fun and colourful galleries

Students respond to an activity asking them to collectively design inspirational quotes for each other.

Student document posting

A student project (PDF) posted and commented on by a fellow student.

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