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Electrical Engineering


Faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales turned to us to design and build courses which provided an alternative to on-campus lectures, capable of effectively fulfilling learning outcomes with a stark increase in enrolments.

Our approach focused on activity-based learning, allowing students to critically think, share and reflect – and be engaged on their learning journey.

Meet your teacher

A fun welcome video introduces the lecturer with warmth and humour.

Sharing knowledge

Students are asked to research and share the power situation in a country of their choosing.

Divergent problems

Electrical engineering students discuss the future of energy.

Floating equations

A (fairly simple) video technique is used to give an instructional video a futuristic edge.

Thumbs up

Equations, worked examples, activities and community interaction make for a rich and multi-layered learning experience.

Sharing ideas

Students share their responses and worked examples with each other then negotiate what they think is the correct answer.

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