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When the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship launched in 2017, they searched for a forward-thinking student experience which matched their brand and bridged face-to-face workshops seamlessly with online community – engaging us to design and build their inaugural course for young entrepreneurs from 11 Universities across NSW.

Getting inspired

Students use the comments section at the bottom of a page to share and discuss resources relevant to the course.

Expert opinions

Flexible media embedding options allow course creators to vary their content to keep things fresh for students.

Custom group spaces

Course creators can choose how group spaces are set up, making group-wrangling a breeze.

Group space

Flexible group setup options allow students to work together in a way that suits them.

Share spaces

Students can share their ideas through a range of media that they share with their course community.

Making connections

Student galleries and comments sections allow students and course facilitators to not only share their ideas on course topics, but also to make deeper and more personal connections

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