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OpenCreds Consortium


A consortium is a group made up of two or more individuals, companies, or governments that work together to achieving a common objective.


The goal of the OpenCreds Consortium is to facilitate best practices in micro-credentials across professional learning, vocational education and training, and higher education, regionally and globally.

Initial priorities for the group include:

Key advantages of joining the Consortium:

  1. For education providers (accredited and non-accredited): it provides an opportunity to be a part of a community of practice with individuals and institutions actively involved in the design and delivery of micro-credentials; and to connect more broadly with industry.
  2. For employers, industry, and government departments: it enables them to help inform what types of micro-credentials are needed, to design and deliver micro-credentials themselves or in partnership with education providers; and to help close the gap in demonstrating the important role that micro-credentials are and can play in upskilling and reskilling of Australian lifelong learners.
  3. For organisations involved in the education technology ecosystem: it provides a central point to strengthen the scale, quality, and impact of micro-credentials.

In order to achieve the above, OpenLearning is calling for nominations from interested parties to be part of a committee of 6-7 individuals who will meet (virtually) at least quarterly to support the Consortium's objectives.

Want to stay informed, but not be part of the committee itself? Let us know by contacting us via the form below or email us at

Register your interest below before closing date of Friday, 29th January 2021.