AKPK helps 18,000+ Malaysians qualify for
low-interest loans

CASE STUDY | Scaling Financial Education


of Malaysians who say
poor financial management
is the cause for their
excessive personal debt



potential first-time home
buyers across the country
in less than 12 months


of those who completed
the module to feel confident
with going ahead with
home loan applications


Malaysians per month
nationwide to raise their
financial literacy levels online

The Malaysian Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) needed to deliver a mandatory financial education module aimed at first-time home buyers applying for the Central Bank of Malaysia’s (BNM) RM 1 Billion Fund for Affordable Homes. AKPK was looking for an affordable, scalable and more effective solution that could be easily implemented nationwide.

AKPK launched RUMAHKU, an online financial literacy module available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. The module would give eligible Malaysians access to low-interest bank loans for financing the purchase of their first home.


It was made a requirement for all applicants to complete the RUMAHKU module before proceeding with their loan applications at participating banks across the country.


Through the RUMAHKU module, AKPK was able to: 

  • Qualify Malaysians nationwide for the low-interest home loans 
  • Identify first-time home buyers in need of financial counselling
  • Cater to a spike in demand following a BNM policy revision 
  • Raise financial literacy and awareness among other Malaysians


Given the success of this initiative, AKPK has launched: 


About AKPK

The Credit Counselling & Debt Management Agency (AKPK) is an agency established by the Central Bank of Malaysia to increase financial literacy through personal finance education, counselling and debt management initiatives across Malaysia.


Nationwide, Malaysia


Education and financial management

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