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UNSW Transition Program
Online Policies


Open Learning Global Pty Ltd (trading as OpenLearning) proudly delivers the UniFastTrack Transition Program Online under licence from UNSW and UNSW College (legal trading name as UNSW Global Pty Limited). UniFastTrack is a trademark of the Keypath Education Group.Transition Program Online or ‘TPO’ is owned by UNSW Global Pty Ltd, trading as UNSW College and is delivered by Open Learning Limited.

If you have any questions about the information or policies included on this page, please contact:
- The OpenLearning Admissions Team if you are an agent or prospective student via
- The OpenLearning Student Support Team if you are an enrolled student via

Personal Information Collection Notice

Certain parts of the information you provide in the UniFastTrack Transition Program Online application form is "personal information" as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (NSW).

It is collected by Digital Education Marketing, a limited company registered in England under company number 7547506 (trading as“StudyLink”), on behalf of Open Learning Global Pty Ltd ACN 162 780 467 (“OpenLearning”).

The information provided in this form will be held by StudyLink and Open Learning in order to process your application, admission and enrolment in the UniFastTrack Transition Program Online, delivered by OpenLearning (the “Program”).

StudyLink and OpenLearning collect your information, on each of its own behalf and for the purposes of sending your information to UNSW Global PtyLimited ACN 086 418 582, in each case for the following purposes:
i.       corresponding with students and agents, where relevant, regarding the Program;
ii.     providing provisional offers to the University of New South Wales (“UNSW”) and related correspondence and actions;
iii.    facilitating and enabling enrolment of students in UNSW College and/or UNSW programs following completion of the Program;
iv.    providing Program associated services such as information technology support;
v.     facilitating assistance where reasonably required for the student’s safety and security;
vi.    upon completion of the Program issuing to students relevant completion certificates and records in accordance with the Master Agreement*;
vii.   where relevant, transitioning students from the OpenLearning Platform to another platform operated by or under the direction of UNSW College;
viii.  managing alumni records and access there to such records;
ix.    conducting data analysis to develop and improve marketing, student services and student recruitment activities;
x.     any other purposes related to the Program or required by law;
xi.    UNSW College providing Program Data to UNSW for any of the above purposes; and
xii.   direct marketing to students about UNSW College and/or UNSW products and services (not necessarily related to the UniFastTrack Transition Program Online).

In addition, UNSW College may provide your information to UNSW for any of the above purposes.

You may opt not to receive the marketing referred to at xii above by emailing

The privacy policies regarding collection, use and disclosure of your personal information are available at the following links:

If you are an agent submitting an application on behalf of a student, by submitting the application you confirm that you have complied with all applicable law, including obtaining appropriate consent from the student to submit the application and the personal information of the student to StudyLink.

Student Policies and Procedures

Outlined below are the student policies and procedures for the UniFastTrack Transition Program Online which is delivered by OpenLearning under license from UNSW and UNSW College. These policies have been prepared and will be maintained by OpenLearning. These are not UNSW College or UNSW policies.

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